Preparing for prac

My prac placement has been confirmed and I have been placed in a Year 1 Class which I am very excited about. Michelle Ferrier identifies in her blog, feeling nervous about facing many new student faces, as am I. Unlike Michelle, I do not have an abundance of resources for quick use. I have however, invested in a laminator in the hope that I will be able to provide some visual and word aids to replace talking so much! Every prac, I lose my voice in the first week and I really need to work on that! I leant this pointer from my son’s year 1 teacher. Instead of telling students 2 or 3 times the list of things they will need out to start the day, she just places the labels on the board and students know to look at the board to get ready for the day. It’s simple but such a useful strategy not only for teacher but for the students too.

TeachThis provides a morning checklist which you can print straight off the website. The website provides heaps of other handy teaching resources which are sorted by year levels.



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