Survivial of the fittest

Thank you Mr Clancy for providing some awesome student tips for completing assignments with impending prac placements. This is something I struggle with so much. I find with every prac, I just finish assignments and I never get enough time to prepare properly for my professional experience.

Mr Clancy talks about setting achievable goals – “A practical example is when working on assignments, once I have a plan in sight, I aim for 300 words a day over a five day period. I know good and well that I can pound out a lot more than that but exceeding 300 always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy”.

With a couple of big assignments coming up in the next few weeks I will have to try out some of those ideas. And your right Mr Clancy, it’s always good to feel those little successes along the way.

Young Australian Skeptics article, The Final Year of University: A Survival Guide is a light hearted and entertaining list of do’s and don’ts for getting through uni.  I fully identify with one quote in the article, “You’ve got to work hard for your success and you’ve got to have a steady presence. That’s the secret.” – Kid Rock

That steady presence is something I will meditate on during the rollercoaster of my next practical experience.

Good luck to all.



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