The stresses of learning and being assessed

It’s that time of year again, a few weeks out from prac placement, when you have multiple assignments due, the kids get sick and your left stroking their heads at midnight with assignment thoughts swirling through your head but unable to act on any of these ideas. Like Lesley, I feel the self-confidence taking a hit. It’s always good to hear that other students feel the pressure because it reminds you that you are not incapable, but that these times are difficult for others too.

This got me thinking, I have noticed on my practical experiences that sadly, prep year students were exhibiting anxious and stressed behaviours, indicating they were struggling to cope under the pressures to perform and succeed. They have A LOT to learn in this first year. Perhaps incorporating a reflection tool such as KidBlog would support children, not only in their learning journey, but also give them the means to verbalise their feelings and identify their stresses in the classroom. This could also provide opportunities to nurture peer friendships through shared experiences and advance student’s social/emotional development.

Just a thought.



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