ICT to engage and to transform

In my last practical experience, I often found myself engaging students in their learning through ICT. I had a prep class, so I often used ‘dance breaks’ to learn counting and songs to learn phonics using the interactive whiteboard. I liked integrating ‘whole body’ movements, music and games as I was disheartened with how much students were required to keep still and sit at such a young age. YouTube clips were simple ICTs to integrate that were short and would engage the students and get them up and about. Most of the students participated in these activities but there were a few who were not keen on moving about.

Like Lesley discussed in her blog, throughout this course, I have not only learnt about some awesome new tools to integrate authentic learning experiences by means of ICT, but have been reminded, importantly of the need to for children to learn from participating and actually using the ICT themselves as a kind of inquiry. This has been interesting, as I always felt that this was too difficult to integrate, especially with young children such as preps.

I am looking forward to testing out my new ideas in my coming placement in a Year 1 class.

Has anyone else been placed in a Year 1 classroom?




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