Planning for Assignment 2

This week I have been thinking about learning experiences that will align with my lesson objectives in my unit plan for assignment two. This includes student activities and teacher strategies as well as researching ICTs. The learning objectives I have chosen are from the Year 1 Geography unit in the Australian Curriculum.

Constructing Knowledge

The natural, managed and constructed features of places, their location, how they change and how they can be cared for (ACHGK005) .

Transforming Knowledge

Represent data and the location of places and their features by constructing tables, plans and labelled maps (ACHGS009)

Collect and record geographical data and information, for example, by observing, by interviewing, or from sources such as photographs, plans, satellite images, story books and films (ACHGS008)

Tomorrow, I intend to decide on the ICT resources that I will use to amplify and transform my learning objectives. I always feel as though I embark on long-winded journey in working out my ideas for assignments. Jaqueline discussed how she uses the SimpleMind mind map for assignment planning. Maybe I will try implementing this mind map to help cut out some of the organizing time. I’ll let you know how I go!



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