Get off that ICT!

I was recently visiting the Queensland Museum in Brisbane with my six year old. There are some amazing things for kids to experience in there! I was standing next to a family with a couple of young kids and I heard a father shout out to his kids,

“Hey, we have come to the museum to look at all this cool stuff, not hang out on technology, we can do that at home!”

What were the children flocking to? It was similar to what crbruggemann described in her blog as the SMART table. This ICT device looked amazing; kids got to learn all about types of dinosaurs, they could tap on the screen and find out what they ate, their size and weight and which time period they were from and much more (I couldn’t get close enough to see all it offered). Kids could pretend to be in the world of a particular dinosaur and search for food amongst the predators as well as learning facts about the dinosaur along the way. It was all the things crbruggemann described in her blog, “social, inclusive and captivating collaboration tool that makes it easy to get young students excited about learning” (SMART Technologies, 2013).

I love the way that museums these days interact with kids, allowing them to have real-life hands-on investigative experiences. Such ICT allows kids use their senses in a way that they often crave in their learning.

My next goal is to investigate an ICT experience that will invoke a similar response in students for Year 1 Geography for assignment 2!



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