Engaging the ”gamer child”

Tonight I came across another awesome idea for implementing kid’s interests (i.e games/video games) into the classroom! One of Edtech4beginners ideas is to turn the game Crossy Road  into a quest novel. Ask students to play the game and then use their imaginations to create some fictional writing;

As I looked to the east, I shivered as the speeding bullet got closer and closer. I froze in sheer terror.

Another idea was to use it in a mathematics lesson. Ask the students to count the passing cars. Can they count in 2s, 3s etc. Another ideas was to challenge pupils to create Crossy Road word problems;

18 cars pass by for every 3 trains. How many cars would pass if 15 trains went by?

There are so many great ICT teaching ideas out there that appeal to all kids. This idea could be implemented using any kind of video game/ Ipad game. Now, I know a lot of kids who would be jumping out of their skins if this was presented in a lesson!




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