Reasons to Use ICT and Pedagogy

Mindshift is another inspiring educational website that also presents on social media site, Facebook. The writers of the posts explore the future of learning in its dimensions – encompassing cultural and technology trends, groundbreaking research, and innovations in education.

One article that I recently viewed was on the integration of ICT into the arts, called Paint or Paint App? Value of Creating Digital Vs. Traditional Art

Korbey (2013) discusses how it is somewhat easy to envision integrating Ipads or other ICTs into classroom studies such as reading, science or math, however the interesting integration of ICT into the arts may be some of the most groundbreaking, innovative and creative approaches yet.

“You can create something digitally that would be impossible to create by hand. Conversely, you can create something by hand that you cannot replicate digitally.”

Progressing in my ‘divergent thinking’ has allowed me to see the possibilities of ICTs beyond traditional learning areas. Thus, I have had to question fixed ideas and let go of what I perceived as assumed learning approaches in specific areas of study.

I’m so interested to see where art will take us, 50 years from now!



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