So it turns out I have been regularly breaching Copyright Law for some time both academically and personally! Images on the internet are very ambiguous. Instantaneously, after unearthing this offence, I have gone through my blog to erase any evidence of my crime (images copied without authorization). As fellow EDC3100 blogger Belinda revealed , I too, had breached Copywright Law, for my Webquest assessment.

EDC3100 lecturer David, deliberates on the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT, in terms of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. As future professionals, I agree this is very serious material, and I am quite surprised that this information has surpassed me through the past years during my University degree.

In terms of my current blog and any future professional and personal work, I will ensure that any future images or videos adhere to Copyright Laws. In terms of images, I think honing my photography skills would be a viable personal development!


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